The Amish: Shunned press reviews

“Fulfills in its own way the great, mostly unmet, promise of television: to acquaint us with other lives, minus prejudicial comment but with genuine curiosity.” Los Angeles Times, by Robert Lloyd. January 31, 2014
“When you hear the title of Tuesday night’s new ‘American Experience’ documentary, ‘The Amish: Shunned,’ you might think, et tu, PBS? But not to worry. This two-hour film is sympathetic and serious.”  New York Times, by Michael Hale. February 4, 2014
“Wiser has done something quite special here, and at moments almost evokes the master of ‘direct cinema’ himself — Frederick Wiseman — by locating something elemental in silence and empty space. . . Before too long, ‘Shunned’ just might have you under its spell. A beautiful film.” Newsday,by Verne Gay.  January 31, 2014
“The gorgeous-to-behold ‘American Experience’ presentation ‘The Amish: Shunned’ will break your heart. It’s simply not to be missed.” The Sacramento Bee (syndicated column), by Kevin McDonough. February 4, 2014
“For a film that wrestles with subjects of such weight and importance, Shunned doesn’t strain for effect. It trusts its subjects and the footage to get the point across. It’s not unlike lying in bed in the middle of the night, contemplating the existence of the divine.”, Todd VanDerWerff. January 3, 2014
“Brings a welcome level of calm and balance to the discussion. . . a poignant look at a troubling dilemma.”  New York Daily News, by David Hinckley. February 4, 2014
“All too often, our fascination with the Amish devolves into reality trash. . . . But as usual, American Experience is the exception.” USA Today, by Robert Bianco. February 4, 2014